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Is there a definition of femininity?


Role models and stereotypes in the fashion industry tend to put everyone in a box and trigger the desire to fulfil certain expectations.

Western society promotes fashion as a worthy pursuit for women, drawing them into a world of self-imposed rules and regulations based on imitation, conformity, and consumerism. 

But our current understanding of classic feminine characteristics is far beyond last generations – today an aesthetically special type of woman with also accompanying inner beauty is breaking those rules successfully at any time.

In theory, we could shave our heads and wear big boots and still appear feminine – because our posture, looks and movements show so much more.


So, who are we dressing for?


Through the ongoing evolution in the working world, women seem to define themselves in a new way.

Showing their skills and power on one side and therefore balancing acceptance of society as a ‚real’ woman on the other. Superiors, parents, dating partners, husbands, girlfriends – they all have their own claim about womanly features.

On the contrary to men, women’s looks are always to be discussed:

Too manly? Too bossy? Too girly? Too bitchy?

And still, in 2017, insulted women have to justify their choice of clothing.




There’s lots of pondering going on in every woman’s dressing room every day, between feeling confident with herself and longing for social acceptance.

At least we should dress the way we feel –but is there room at all for emotions and soft, in between the lines signals? Sensibility, sensitivity and emotionality are qualities that are often equated as weak, but to open up and showing your vulnerability in many cases proofs real strength.

It does need courage to show your soft side, to be proud of your unique looks and sexuality, but it might open a door to a bigger range of emotions and leads to freedom with oneself.

Conditioned to survive in an ego society, our ‚soft skills’, morals and values are often put aside and underestimated.

I like the example of a ballet dancer, showing all her emotion and vulnerability—but still hiding huge strength in her fragile body.

In society, feminine qualities are often defined as superficial criteria: curvy hips, long hair, accented clothes, nail polish, lipstick.

This all was developed by evolution of society over the centuries, each culture painted

their own picture of a feminine woman.

Looking at traditional tribal appearances, women lack all of those western features – and still there’s no doubt of their womanhood.

This draws the attention to inner qualities that seem to show femininity: empathy, sensuality, understanding, confidence, consideration, loving and care.

In my opinion, these are essential attributes that should absolutely not refer to women alone.

In the end, it is all a state of mind. There is no definition of femininity, we all decide for ourselves- men and women- the less we categorize the more unique we create our own personality.


A few days ago i read a quote:

Feminine power is the beauty, intelligence, and full range of abilities we are endowed with as human beings.