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Since founding KILENZ, the choice of fabric always has been the heart and soul of every collection. In love with colors and structures, the label’s clear lines are underlined by high quality fabrics, whose beauty is often only discovered at a second glance.

A subtle luxury, that is not only of aesthetic value, but even more a sensation on our skin. Looks and an all over good feeling while wearing your clothes should equal each other in any way.


In search for high quality linen textiles we found a traditional weaving company in Austria, fulfilling all expectations from design to sustainability.



Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum. The fibre is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Linen drapes well, takes dye easily and develops a soft lustre over time. It’s easy to sew, feels good next to the skin, and it lasts for years.

The process of growing flax and turning it into fabric hasn’t changed much in the past several thousand years. Linen has a rich history, dyed linen fibres that are 36,000 years old have been found in a cave in Georgia. The linen wrappings of 3000 year old mummies survive to the modern day.

The flax plant grows best in cool, damp conditions and grows well on relatively poor soil. Flax requires a small fraction of the water that cotton requires, and uses very little fertiliser, if any.

Since more than 180 years, Austrian weaving mill Viehböck produces finest linen and cotton fabrics and follows the tradition of exclusively working with natural fibres.

Deeply rooted in Austrias „Mühlviertel“ region, they preserve traditional patterns and designs as well as creating contemporary, modern fabrics.

Special attention is paid to sustainability and transparency of their product chain – all linen yarns are supplied from European, eco-friendly cultivation. Mostly plant dyed, the material is finished locally and naturally.

Using controlled organic linen fibres, the company has been certified with the GOTS and IVN BEST Label, as the first and only linen weaving mill worldwide.


With their beautiful color range and delicate, sophisticated woven structures, their linens are more than perfect for elegant, yet modern and relaxed summer essentials.



In our current summer collection you can find the following pieces :


Trousers MAXIM

Trousers PABLO

Blazer OTIS

Skirt AMIR

Detail in Dress FERENC

And of course any product customized in your desired color and fabric.


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